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We put 6 high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) paint sprayers to the test

Many folks here at The Family maintenance man have used tiny paint sprayers within the past with restricted success, therefore we have a tendency to questioned whether or not the present batch was AN improvement. we have a tendency to set to check some to seek out out. we have a tendency to centered on tiny sprayers below $200 that might spray water-base paint and alternative water-base finishes.

A quick survey of without delay offered sprayers unconcealed 2 categories: stuffy sprayers with alittle intrinsic pump, and high-volume, nonaggressive (HVLP) sprayers that have confidence a vacuum cleaner–type rotary engine. within the past, most hand-held sprayers were the stuffy sort. They were usually nicknamed “buzz guns” for the loud droning noise created by the pump. Recently, however, a lot of consumer-grade HVLP sprayers became offered, and that we set to concentrate our efforts on this cluster.

Unlike stuffy sprayers, most HVLP sprayers during this worth vary can’t shoot unthinned water-base paint. However, they need a number of benefits that we expect create them value considering. First, they’re quieter and therefore the noise they create is a smaller amount annoying—more sort of a household appliance. Plus, they place a lot of end on the project and fewer into the air, that is best in some ways. and at last, the nice ones apply a really fine and governable end that allows a beginner to with success end woodwork, cupboards and article of furniture.

Manufacturers claim all types of options, however here ar those we predict ar the foremost vital. Besides the options we have a tendency to mention, you will see claims concerning straightforward improvement or extra changes. the reality is that each one of those sprayers need activity for thorough improvement, and also the solely changes you actually want ar for the spray pattern and also the paint flow.

A powerful rotary engine
While stuffy sprayers ar rated by what percentage gallons per hour they’ll spray, HVLPs ar typically rated by the power of the rotary engine. the idea is that the upper the power, the additional pressure the rotary engine will produce. and {better} pressure permits better atomization of the paint and permits additional viscous (thicker) materials to be sprayed. power is barely one a part of the equation for an honest sprayer, however normally, additional is best. The Rockler rotary engine is rated at one,000 watts, with the Wagner PaintREADY System rotary engine returning in second at 540 watts.

GRACO Spraystation 2900 HV2900

Graco, that has created professional-grade sprayers for many years, has ventured into the buyer market with this HVLP sprayer. And you’ll be able to tell Graco has expertise creating sprayers. The spray pattern is well contained with little or no spatter. Paint coverage is nice, and also the paint particle size is little enough for a swish end.

Features we have a tendency to like embrace the spray-pattern adjusting lever on the front of the gun, the pro-style metal spray tip and aboard storage of gun and hose. Graco includes a videodisc with directions for mistreatment the gun. This sprayer received high marks for the standard of the spray and well-planned options.

WAGNER PaintREADY System 0529003

Wagner’s PaintREADY System includes a separate rotary engine and hose, and 2 “front ends” that snap onto the applicator handle, permitting you to spray thick and skinny materials expeditiously. the extra pressure equipped by the complete 540-watt rotary engine provides to a small degree higher spray quality than you get from the sprayers with aboard turbines. This kit could be a good selection for optimum skillfulness, however the fine-finish sprayer still doesn’t rival the end quality of the Graco or Rockler.

WAGNER Control Spray Double Duty 0518050

Wagner contains a long history of creating little, consumer-grade sprayers and offers several models of each unaired and HVLP-type sprayers. This HVLP sprayer with intrinsical rotary engine may be a solid performing artist that may apply a better-than-average end with properly diluted material. This “double-duty” model includes a bigger, 1-1/2-qt. material cup for larger exterior comes. If you don’t need to pay over $100 on a sprayer, we expect this one may be a sensible choice.

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